School Photos

Picture Time!


Everyone should have received individual emails from Stomping Ground to book a virtual appointment for your child’s Anderson Journal photos. The emails contain child-specific codes as well as a coupon code for $5 as the PTA is paying for these appointments. Please schedule your appointment to ensure your child is part of the journal!

If you did not get an email from Stomping Ground, please email Ana Crenovich at acrenovich@schools.nyc.gov.

Anderson Multicultural Spotlight 2020-2021

Multicultural Spotlight!
Presenters needed for December 8 and Jan 11 events

A monthly virtual series celebrating the diversity of the Anderson community
2nd Tuesday of every month, from 6–7pm
Next Session, December 8!

Share your unique culture, traditions and stories with the Anderson Community! We need volunteer hosts for the December 8th and January 11th Multicultural Spotlight events.


There is no set structure to the Mulitcultural Spotlight presentations. It can be shaped to your preference. Presentations do not have to be a single nation event; there can be multiple countries presenting together

A suggestion for December, is a presentation on important festivals celebrated around the world.

Scope of our involvement:

If you lead one of the spotlight events, you will have assistance! We will co-host the event and assist you with the operational aspect of the presentation (i.e. admitting the audiences, managing the chat, setting up the breakout rooms, supervising personal/youtube videos and anything you may need help with).

If you are interested in leading the upcoming multicultural spotlights or have questions, please reach out to Priya Rohatgi (priya.rohatgi@gmail.com) and Varta Tchakarian (varta@vartamusic.com).

29th Annual Anderson Auction

Mark your calendars for the 29th Annual Virtual Anderson Auction on March 6th at 6pm!

Donations contest!
Each donation submitted for the auction gets you entered to win a drawing for a gift card. The contest ends at midnight on Dec. 12th. Five winners will be selected!

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