29th Annual Anderson Auction

Calling all parent talent: Musicians, Spoken Word Performers, Dancers, Magicians, and Performance ideas not listed!

We need at least 10 performers in order to make this work! The March 6th show will be about one hour long, and each parent/teacher performance will be allotted approximately 4 minutes.

It’s easy! Please send a short sample clip of your performance and/or a description of your work. Your performance for the March 6 show can be pre-recorded, so no need to worry about stage-fright!

Seeking family-friendly submissions from all parents and teachers. Impress your kids with your skills (this year, our kids will get to watch the Auction Show at home with us)!

Wouldn’t it be fun to have each grade represented, so don’t be shy!

Please send your performance clip via a link emailed to: auctionchair@andersonpta.org