Current Candidates

Co-Presidents (up to 3 people, one-year term)
Kelly Opdyke
Jonathan Robilotto

Co-Treasurers (2 people, one-year term)
Tim Chen
Renee Chin

Assistant Treasurers (3 people, one-year term)
Chris Christon
Jonathan Mak
Carrie Marlin

Recording Secretary (1 person + 1 alternate, one-year term)
Annie Wilson
Mindy Wigutow (alternate)

Vice President, Community Affairs (2 people, one-year term)
Lily de Jong

Vice President, Fundraising (3-5 people, one-year term)
Melissa Zoldan-Leite
Tamara Nemo
Heidi Kao

Vice President, Auction
Kim Robilotto

Vice President, Direct Appeal
Natalie Zador

Budget Committee Co-Chairs (2 people, two-year term)
Sandy Gordon
Steven Halliwell

Vice President, Parent Involvement (1-2 people, one-year term)
Prerna Kapur

VP, Communications (2 people, one-year term)
Amanda Carr
Sarah DeLeo

Grade Representatives (1-2 people, one-year term)
1st: Janine Keuskamp
2nd: Yana Brayman & Lynn Hahn
3rd: Jill Breder
4th: Jessica Ma & Christina Kang
5th: Melissa Delaney
6th: Priya Udeshi
7th: Tanya Gat
8th: Gargi Gandhi & Justine Keil

PTA Rep to the SLT (1 person, one-year term)
Lisa Gill

SLT K-2 (1 person, two-year term)
Maria Givens

SLT 3-5 (1 person, two-year term)
Lance Kam

SLT 6-8 (1 person, two-year term)
Jennifer Thaler