School Leadership Team (SLT) Members

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a DOE-mandated committee in which parents work with the principal, teachers and staff to establish school priorities, decide how the budget is spent, and evaluate the school’s progress. The SLT develops the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) that sets annual goals for the school in all areas and focuses on developing educational strategies for improvement. The School Leadership Team consists of the Principal, a PTA president, the UFT representative, teachers, parents, and staff members.

All meetings are on Wednesdays at 3pm:

SLT Grade Representatives
Principal Jodi Hyde
Co-Chairs Diane Heith and Pamela Flint
PTA Co-President Kelly Opdyke
K-2 Michael Zigman
3-5 Jennifer Thaler
6-8 Ursila Jung
K-4 At Large Parent Rep Christina Kang
5-8 At Large Parent Rep Caroline Werner Metzner
K-2 Teacher Rep Leni Cohen
3-5 Teacher Rep Jennifer Cain
6-8 Teacher Rep Michael Mucha
K-4 Elementary At Large Teacher Rep Pamela Flint
6-8 At Large Teacher Rep Mary Lou Kozol
Student Council