Community Affairs

The mission of the committee is to strengthen PS 334’s position in the school system through outreach and advocacy activity that helps ensure Anderson’s stability, security, and, eventually, growth.

Among other activities, we work to:

  • Educate public officials and others about Anderson’s history, current program and situation, and future needs;
  • Build stronger ties with the District 3 community and with other elementary/K-8 citywide programs;
  • Monitor regular and special meetings of relevant decision-making bodies, such as the DOE, the D3 CEC, the City Council, and Community Board 7, and keep the PTA executive board and the parent body informed of important developments;
  • Organize the Anderson community response in critical debates, through, for example, letter writing campaigns, petitions, information sheets, and participation in community meetings; and
  • Maintain up-to-date data related to D3 student population issues, G&T testing/applications, and citywide elementary/K-8 programs to support ongoing outreach and advocacy activity.

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